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About the Milani Foundation of Hope

The Milani Foundation of Hope is a Non Profit Organization (NPO)
Reg No: 2015/239147/07 founded by Ms Neliswa Siwalaza- Gaji after her personal experience.

Our Mission
The mission of the Milani Foundation is to restore dignity of women, revive hope of parents / families give support by addressing emotional, physical and spiritual needs - which speaks to their slogan "You heal the Mother, you heal the child".

To alleviate stress that the disadvantaged women, mothers, families experience through the sickness of their little ones by attending to their physical needs, emotional and spiritual needs.

The Background of the Milani Foundation
The name Milani which means "Being rooted" is a name which Neliswa Gaji and husband gave to their son whom they were blessed with on 30 May 2012. When their bundle of joy turned one month old he unfortunately had a seizure attack. Numerous tests were done trying to find what could have triggered the seizures but all came negative.

Milani's condition evolved in so much that by the time he turned 5 months old he had over 100 seizures a day and this slowly threatened his life and his development was severely affected. After six months of being admitted in hospital, Neliswa asked the doctor to discharge Milani even though he still had the seizures as none of the anti convulsions could supress the seizures, but her request was to spend time "comfortably' at home with her angel until such time that he gives up and dies.
Miraculously three weeks after Milani was discharged at home with Neliswa who on occasional basis had to wait for the seizure to surpass before feeding him and so on, the seizures stopped.

A day would go on without any episodes, days, weeks and months. This was a miracle for Milani's parents and family but a lot still needed to be done to rehabilitate baby Milanie.g physiotherapists, speech doctors etc. Milani was admitted for the big part of the six months at Blaauwberg Hospital and one month later transferred to Red Cross Children's Hospital.

It is at Redcross Children's Hospital that Neliswa believes that the Milani Foundation was born. Her heart bled for weeks as she witnessed very sick children as she has never seen so many sick children before, but her pain was mostly for the mothers.

The majority of women are disadvantaged, unemployed, low income earners and single, if married in some cases husbands left as they could not deal the situation of a sick child or even disabled. It was only two years later that Neliswa went back to Redcross Hospital to the ward Milani was admitted to, to give support to women, mothers by donating what she refers to as "dignity bags" with sanitary pads, bath soups and other toiletries and also to give motivation ,hope to mothers using her story as a point of reference.

Neliswa encourages women to empower themselves and to always remember that they are not defined by the circumstances they are going through and that the healing and wellbeing of the child depends on the mother as doctors can only do up to a point but parents need to continue to live a fulfilled life.

Please donate to help the cause, we and the mothers will appreciate it ...

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